Sunshine in a Glass

Sunshine in a Glass

We're known for the best margaritas in town

Psst. Want to know where to order the best margarita in town? The secrets out - Sobremesa serves up these deliciously sweet and sour concoctions all night long. Whether you love yours blended or on the rocks, salted or sugared, we've got a tropical treat with your name on it.

Choose a classic triple sec and lime variety or jazz up your night with mango, strawberry and other fruit-filled options. One sip and you'll be on a one-way flight to surf, sand and sun.

There's nothing a little tequila can't fix. Visit us today to try one of our specialty drinks.

Choose your favorite drink to complement your

Not in the mood for a margarita? No problem. Sobremesa serves all of the local favorites. We have a fully stocked bar serving beer and liquor until closing time. Whether you're in the mood for a lager or a Long Island iced tea, our talented bartenders have got you covered.